Vadim Nefedyev

Analytics, EdTech, teaching, charity, TEDx

TEDx Conference

Our team organized the conference, held in St. Petersburg University with TED licensing. My aim was to create a cross-disciplinary platform for our students, where they get knowledge from top experts and build a community of brightest students of SPbU. We had 13 outstanding talks, uploaded on official YouTube channel. I led a team of 11 GSOM students

Oct 2016 – May 2017
Educational business conference GSOM Open

Our team created the conference, which attracted 600 guests from top St. Petersburg universities. I was responsible for dealing with our corporate partners. I invited speakers from McKinsey, Danone, Biocad, Yota and Uber

Mar 2016 – Apr 2016
Student volunteering organisation GSOM Charity

We organised 20+ events and attracted 40 volunteers. We made strong connections with 6 Russian charity funds. I created tutoring program for orphanages and help organisations to find the right people and build volunteering programs

2015 – 2017
Personal blog

Blogging has been my passion since I was 16. It made me who I am now. Since the beginning I was writing about education which is important not only for me but for the developement of our society. My blog is the best way to communicate with all people around me, keep them in touch and get the feedback from them about the stuff I do

2015 – 2017
Career organisation GSOM Case Club

In 2017 I became the head of one of the best case clubs in Russia of the leading business-school. We organised events for McKinsey, KPMG, Oliver Wyman, Strategy Partners Group. I created the new private club-format: 50 students, case solving in groups, which empowered our case community. My team achieved top-12 teams (from 700+) in McKinsey Business Diving competition
Dec 2016 – May 2017
Graduate School of Management
Leading Russian business-school

Concentration: International Management, CSR

Awards: Peter Drucker Award 2016 for 'Best project' (GSOM Open conference)

Case competitions: McKinsey Business Diving (top 12 teams of 700+), Aalto Strategy (Helsinki, Finland) semi-finalist, Strategy Partners Cup semi-finalist

Led 4 student organisations: TEDxSPbU, Public Speaking, Case Club, Charity Club
Rotterdam School of Management
Exchange semester, the Netherlands

Concentration: Strategy Consulting (by ex-BCG consultant)

Completed mock consultancy projects for PostNL (with management collaboration) and SpaceX

Active member of STAR Case Society
Corporate Social Responsibility
Got 'A's in CSR and Ethics courses. Completed CSR research in Consulting in Russia as a term paper, which was later realised in firm's CSR Report
Marketing and Influencing
Created several marketing campaigns for students projects, made ads for global brands in my blog and attracted thousands of visitors for own projects
Created 2 conferences and 20+ smaller events in the university with my teams, including TED-licenced event
Consulting and Projects
Worked in the leading Russia-origin consultancy firm. Completed course (420 h) and 2 projects in the Netherlands by ex-BCG consultant. Semi-final of McKinsey Business Diving
Volunteering and Volunteer Management
Developed a corporate volunteering program for Power Machines, 4th power engineening company in the world. Led 10+ teams of volunteers in the university. Have a 3+ years of experience in charity
Team Building and Student Management
Created 4 student teams and learned how to attract the best of them to participate for free
Writing and Storytelling
Have a blog about education, volunteering and travelling with over 1m views over different sources. Was a correspondent in Letidor (Rambler&Co) and Sozvezdia Camp. Consult organisations on building storytelling campaigns
Design and Slide Creation
Experienced PowerPoint and Photoshop user. Reached top-12 in McKinsey Business Diving and got 'A's for term paper presentations in the university. Do websites in one day
I've been to over 30 countries to broaden my horizons. My favourite places are Denmark, the Netherlands, London and St. Petersburg. You can see my flights & blog posts. I enjoy moving fast, seeing hidden places and learning about local life
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